Does the Now magazine website hit the spot?

Now magazine – A look at the magazine’s website

Searchability – Appeared as the top hit on Google after searching for ‘now’ and ‘now magazine.’ – The site is definitely easy to locate on the web.

Usability – Technically stable – navigation tabs all link correspondingly and quickly

Navigation – Clear navigation tabs are situated under the website header plus links appear spread over the homepage to other sections and some stories. However ‘Top stories’ section is at bottom of page and is not immediately clear to see. If it were located more centrally on the home page it would allow for easier navigation to the top stories and key articles. The home page would also benefit from larger navigation and a snippit view of the ‘blog’ section which is buried to the far right of the navigation bar.

Design – The colour scheme is simple consisting of a mixture of white, pink and blue. The theme sticks in the users mind, is aesthetically pleasing and does not overload the page however it is very bright which although allows the magazine to be easily identified can come across as tacky. Pictures accompany all text grabbing the users attention and allowing them to quickly identify celebrities they want to read about. The layout of articles is less pleasing. After being directed to ‘top stories’ there is no apparent structure to the articles which appear one after another vertically.

Content – A vast amount of celebrity gossip features, presented in short articles and located under news however these are not well signposted. There is only around ten articles per page with no way to browse through months or weeks to look back at stories.

Video and audio – is used, but more is needed! we want to read, hear and see our celebrities in action!

Interactivity – limited, polls appear but are buried beneath a tonne of links! The general public love to voice whatever they want so Now magazine needs to provide a better platform for this to take place. Celebrities cause controversy, everyone loves a scandal but even more everyone loves talking about a scandal. Having more comment boxes and forums easily accessible would benefit the magazine greatly.

UGC – Could barely find any? Come on Now. Aside from a few polls and the odd comment at the end of a news story readers don’t have many options to contribute, ouch.

Overall? – It does the job but I’d rather buy the magazine, improvements needed!

Thoughts Please :)

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