Shameless celebrity pet owners

If any of you saw ‘Fern Cotton meets Paris Hilton’ (or whatever it was called) you would have seen Paris’s so called ‘dog house’. For those of you that didn’t have a look below and weep.

Okay I find this wrong on so many levels.

For starters this pink-infused doggie mansion cost Mz Hilton a whoping $325,000. Now for us brits thats about £200,000. Or in other words one hell of a lot of money. Most people wouldn’t even come close to earning a measly quarter of that in a whole year! Let alone even comprehend the need for dogs to have this much spent on them. Surely an extravagance such as this could be surely be spared and the money go to something worthwhile? There’s splashing out and then there is stupidly splashing out (not to mention the fact that this was openly splashed over Paris’s Twitter page talk about modesty and humility? but I guess those are terms lost on most celebrity figures.)

A 'selection' of Paris's pooches showing off their creepy attire

Secondly doesn’t a dog just want to be a dog? you know, chase their tails, chew on a stick, play some fetch, try to sneak onto the sofa when no one is looking, sniff doggie bums all day? you get the picture. But seriously, It makes you wonder how much time and attention the dogs of celebrities really receive. A dog is for life not to shove in a glorified doll’s house and dress up in skirts and twinkly pink things. It really riles me how they have become a fashion accessory for the rich and I know, I know this is a common debate/rant etc but I was having a browse on the old internet and it really got to me how these owners use their dogs as toys.

Paris Hilton’s creepy little dog villa houses her her 17 chihuahuas and one Pomeranian. We get the lifestyle of someone like Paris Hilton shoved in our faces everyday and it doesn’t really appear to be one with a lot of free time, free time to be giving her 18 dogs the attention they deserve. More disgustingly Paris has been known to get rid of her expensive little pets when they no longer ‘excite her’ treating them as disposable. PETA issued a statement to her highness just before Christmas telling her to stop collecting dogs like trendy souvenirs. Ouch. You can read more here.

Now I better stop before I get a little over-passionate and rant away for another two hours. Hopefully celebrities will realise that dressing up their miniature dogs will not make them look trendy only cruel and tasteless. As for me I’ll stick to a good old boarder collie any day 🙂


Thoughts Please :)

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