Get happy

In light of my recent post I thought I’d share with you ten tips to pick you up when your feeling down.

  1. Pump up the music: It’s good for you! When your feeling sluggish put on some of your feel good favourites and turn up the volume. Music stimulates the part of your brain that releases endorphins (you know, happy chemicals) and there’s nothing like a good old sing along in the privacy of your room to perk you up.
  2. Get physical: Exercise gets the blood flowing in our bodies making us feel instantly more stimulated and healthy. It’s great for the mind too. If you’ve got a million thoughts running through your head take your body for a run too, the fresh air and change of scene will help you think clearer and allow you to really reflect on whats bothering you and how you can change it.
  3. Spring clean: If the environment around us is messy and cluttered its not going to make us feel any better. Make lists of what you need to do around the house and get sorting and cleaning. It may feel like the last thing you want to tackle right now but believe me, once you get stuck in, it really helps. It will not only take your mind off of things but afterward you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment that will leave you glowing. Its surprising how a clean environment can lift the spirits.
  4. Smile even though… You know how the song goes: “Smile though your heart is aching, Smile even though it’s breaking… Smile and maybe tomorrow, You’ll see the sun come shining through for you” The smile is a powerful gesture that is often underestimated. Even when its the last thing you want to do smiling can trick your mind into making you feel happier. Also take the time to smile at others because when a smile is returned it is uplifting and rewarding.
  5. Eat yourself happy: You are what you eat is how the saying goes, while not entirely true I definitely believe what you eat affects how you feel. When your feeling low you often feel sluggish, tired and unmotivated as well. Whilst tempting, its important not to over indulge on sugary foods and instant meals. You’ll end up with a short lived amount of energy and a nice sugar crash which will ultimately make you feel worse as a result. Eat healthy and eat fresh is your best option. Get plenty of foods rich in antitoxins and vitamins. Just have a look here and here for some great mood enhancing foods and before you wonder whether its all vegetables chocolate is definately mentioned 🙂
  6. Get some sunshine: Getting out and about in the sunshine helps us produce vitamin D and also releases those happy chemicals again (yey) If you want the scientific reasons why sunlight is beneficial its because the bright light from the sun makes a difference in the chemistry of our brain. The bit that controls the nerves and stimulates our moods. And if that’s not enough to motivate you think of it as a chance to improve on your tan, spend some time outside and get fit and healthy!
  7. Happy is as happy does: Watch uplifting films, read some motivating books, immerse yourself in feel good projects, basically urge yourself to do all those things that you don’t feel like doing. Whilst the temptation is to curl up in bed in a dark room and listen to sad songs remember just how strong will power can be. Try having a look at Gretchin Rubin, best selling author of ‘The happiness project’ (a book accounting the year she spent test-driving studies and theories about how to be happier) has put together a blog in which she shares her insights to help you create your own happiness project. Look under ‘Archives’ for hundreds of articles on every topic imaginable you’ll be sure to find some inspiring content that will keep you motivated and give you the boost you need.
  8. Get Involved: When there’s a lot on your plate two things help above all, keeping busy and keeping involved. Make time to spend with your friends or loved ones. If a lot of your friends are busy or you feel like you don’t have anyone don’t shy away and let misery take over, join some societies and clubs, meet new people. Take part in proactive projects aimed to help others, volunteer or do charity work. The feeling of helping others is not easily substituted and will make you feel great.
  9. Write it all down: Just getting things out of our heads and onto paper can be a step in the right direction to helping us feel better. Clear some space, sit down and really think about your life. Write a list of all the good things in your life and everything you have to be grateful for, write down what your problems are and possible solutions, set yourself goals and targets. Now put all this somewhere you can look at regularly to remind yourself that things can be sorted and positivity gained.
  10. Read Edward Monkton: He writes beautiful little stories that are truly inspiring and are sure to make you smile. With cute pictures accompanying his tales whats not to love. Be sure to check out ‘A lovely little love story’, ‘let us be lovely’ and ‘the pig of happiness.’ you wont be disapointed.

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