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This blog was born in the midst of a University assignment for a unit I took called Web Communications, some of my first ever posts were things we were tasked to do in class, such as a website usability review. However this has grown into a much more personal project and a means of creative expression.

P a n d a  P o p   has developed into an outlet to express thoughts, opinions and articles. It’s where I share what I want to. Named so because I’m a panda-obsessed freak, and also because I wanted a cute, short and sweet blog title that reflects what I’m posting. Nothing too serious. I’m keen to peruse a media based career and believe that an understanding of how to utilise content on the web and present something (or yourself) in a certain way is essential… but more importantly I just want to  s h a r e  and  c r e a t e  content!

This blog will continue to grow and develop over time so keep popping back and I’ll keep you updated ! I do enjoy posting about makeup and beauty and you will find that here, but it is as much a personal blog as it is focused on beauty, so don’t be disappointed if I veer on to something seemingly irrelevant. Warning, I will post about myself (It’s kind of like a diary to me), and I will try keep you updated on places I visit, games, books, films I like and things I’m enjoying at the moment. If this does interest you then please follow with Blog Lovin’ or wordpress or however you like! I would be extremely happy and even more so to hear from you!

Love and Peace Siobhan xo

I may post about places I’ve been…

…make up & beauty…

or things I’m watching/reading/playing – enjoying

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