About the blogger

H e l l o  !
I am 24 and I live in south east london. I (just about) survived 3 years at Bournemouth Uni, and miraculously graduated with a 2:1 in Communication and Media.I have two pet rats (Pandee and Brie) who are the best companions I could wish for 🙂  I enjoy naughty food like nandos, cheese and pizza. I have a  w o n d e r f u l boyfriend called John. Get quickly obsessed with TV shows/projects/ideas. I am sun worshiper and can’t stand the cold. Love to game and read and write… all when I find the time! My little brother means the world to me.  I take an interest in beauty and fashion but am no expert!! I never have enough money to fund my beauty lusts -_- My life isn’t particularly exciting but if you want to stick around, I’m here to share it.

♥ ♥ ♥

Comments are greatly appreciated and you’re more than welcome to join me for some general chit chat on all the usual social media platforms, I’ll be there!

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Thoughts Please :)

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