Indesign magazine layout

This term we got instructed on how to use Adobe InDesign software in order to create magazine layouts and spreads. For one of our assignments we had to write a feature article on an aspect of Bournemouth (I choose the music scene and you can read the full feature here) we then had to produce a double page magazine spread for this feature. See what you make of mine below.

comments appreciated, to download the full PDF for a closer look click here


Vintage photography

“Digital photography never looked so analog” that’s what’s said about the Hipstamatic app for the iphone on the app’s website. The app turns your phone’s camera into a replica of the old skool plastic cameras from the past, claiming to capture the look, feel and unpredicted beauty of them. After seeing some friends posting their hipstamatic prints on facebook I was pretty impressed and wanted to try out this app for myself. It was £1.19 (the first app I’ve ever paid for I must add) and after purchasing I got snaping straight away. With a flick of a finger you can change the lens, flash and film used each one creating a slightly different effect. The attention to detail is great, check out the screen shots from my phone (left) I’ll let you decide for yourselves in a minute what you think of the photos this app produces but I’m very impressed.

You get the textures and colours a vintage camera would produce and are left with some wonderful shots. Take a look at my test shots taken with the hipstamatic app. As you can probably tell I favoured the ‘John S’ lens which keeps the colour of the shot but has a grainy texture. I also liked the ‘Kaimal mark 2’ lens which gives that washed out red effect. Enjoy.

Hope you liked my images 🙂 Most of these were taken at my house, my boyfriends, out in Winton or at Uni. More coming soon!


A night out in Plymouth

Recently a few of my friends and I headed down to Plymouth to escape the stress of University and visit a friend who lives there. We hit the town and then sunbathed on Plymouth Hoe the next day. Here’s a few snapshots of my fun filled weekend…

Cocktails mark the start of the night out

In Mouse trap - a cute cocktail bar right in the centre of Plymouth

me and my girls

Rachel and Lucy @ Firefly

We then moved on to Cuba a small but lively club

In Cuba

The morning after

Plymouth's beautiful sea view, gorgeous day too

Me and Daisy

A little souvenir of our visit (Lucy, Me, Daisy)

Overall I had a brilliant night out in Plymouth. We visited some cute little clubs and bars all of which had an abundance of cheap drink offers but more importantly I got to take a well earned break and spend time with my closest friends.