Did we really want to know that?

Celebrities are everywhere, and I mean everywhere. We see them on our TV screens, in magazines, on billboards whilst waiting for the bus, on the actual bus itself  and now more than ever the internet is swarming with them. We cannot escape the drama that is associated with a celebrity ‘personality,’ but quite often we don’t want to escape it. See I’m not gonna claim some higher ground here and fake a disdain for all things celebrity, I love reading gossip magazines and I do watch those trashy shows that follow a spoiled celeb around whilst they buy the groceries and show us just how ‘normal’ they really are (yeah right) but all things considered I think somewhere a line has to be drawn.

Nicole Ritchie with another interesting tweet...

When twitter appeared on the scene celebrities were quick to jump on the bandwagon, tweeting about their music/show/book/product or just their lives in general.

Twitter allows a whole new dimension of interaction with most celebs tweeting personally and scrapping the publicist who would normally adopt the job of addressing fans. They are all too eager to tell us what they had for breakfast, who their latest crush is or if their relationship is falling apart. Not more than 10 hours ago we have Paris Hilton tweeting:”In bed watching “The Office” So funny and relaxing!”

But do we want to know every detail of our idols lives? Isn’t part of being a ‘celebrity’ to do with that aura of fame and mystery? Now I’m a massive Katy Perry fan. I’ll put that on the table now. I love how she looks, sings, her whacky outfits and quirky interviews. But. After following her on Twitter I’m sad to say my opinion has slid. Recently Katy began seeing British comedian Russell brand and before we knew it an engagement was announced, juicy gossip for those with a hunger for all things celebrity.

Katy Perry's quirky style won me over

But this was no secret romance, all was/is revealed and I mean ALL.@Katyperry tweets a few days ago: “♋? @rustyrockets” (rustyrockets referring to British ladies man Russel, Katy’s fiancé)(♋ referring to, I can only assume, the sexual position) And just yesterday “Bet @rustyrockets would like a HJ with these nails… : P” I’m sure we can guess what HJ stands for.

Now before you assume I’m a prudish person, I’m not! I just preferred it when Katy Perry was a mysterious celeb to me, and not just another girl going out with a guy and stirring things up a little with some cheap dirty talk on a site millions of people use. It really lowered my opinion of her, and just made me think. Do we really want everything to be laid bare? Or were things better when the people we admired or followed in the limelight attempted even an ounce of privacy? – Just food for thought.

Katy and Russel share all on Twitter


Timeline: History of the social networking site

They dominate our lives but how and when did they begin? A brief look at the history of the social networking site.

1985: The Well was one of the earliest established social networking site, which provided an online community for users to connect with one another.

1994: Live Journal began, an online blogging and sharing site for users to interact.

Friendster was a major hit attracting 3 million users in the first few months

2002: Friendster appeared and was one of the first really successful networking sites, attracting 3 million users in the first few months.

2003: MySpace was established and grew quickly in popularity and users. It allowed users to list their top friends and upload songs. Hi-5 and  Xanga were also launched.

2004: Facebook (originally ‘The Facebook’) was created by American student Mark Zuckerberg, Flickr – a photography orientated social site is also launched.

2005: Bebo was founded as a blogging/networking site intended to rival MySpace.

2006: Facebook became available to all and was an instant success now hosting over more than 400 million active users and around 5 billion pieces of content shared each week. In the same year Twitter hit the social networking scene bringing something new to the table with that of its ‘micro-blogging’ approach. Now extremely popular with celebrities and socialites worldwide.

2010: Google Buzz is launched and is set to rival Facebook… watch this space 🙂


My websites of choice

My top five websites are:

1. facebook.com – In my opinion the best of the social networking sites, everyone has one and they are a breeze to manage and use. Importantly a great distraction from work or university 😉

2. stumbleupon.com -A perfect boredom cure, when you ‘stumble’ you come across interesting and unusual websites tailored to your interests that keep you entertained for hours.

cute cute cute

3. artbox.co.uk – what do you get if you add cute + cute (plus some more cute) ? ARTBOX. A quirky site that sells a range of sweet products from toys and stickers to home-ware and bags. Check out the pandas 😉

4. youtube.com -Video entertainment for everyone, now with Chanel four on demand. Enough said?

5. Twitter.com -For those who want to broadcast their lives or indulge in the lives of others. Now with many high-profile celebrity users ‘tweeting’ their day to day activities who can deny they don’t like hearing gossip straight from the horses’ mouth?