Timesonline – A website anaylsis

The 400 word, edited, version of an the ‘timesonline website anaysis


Easy to locate. A quick Google search for ‘times online’ or even just ‘times’ results in the website as the top find. Within the site itself there is an integrated search tool allowing the user to search for specific articles or topics.  There is also an option to redefine your search by date or topic.


The site is quick to load and appears technically stable; there is no random redirection to a page the user didn’t intend to click on or ‘page not found’ popping up.


The ‘timesonline’ site has plenty of clearly signposted links that allow the user to smoothly navigate the web page. There are two distinct navigation bars at the top of the page that offer the user first a list of broad topics and then subsidiary options within each area. This allows users to find information specific to their reading wishes.

There is a ‘where am I’ header that runs beneath the top two navigation bars which always lets you know exactly what area you are in and how to back out to a broader topic.

A box sits top left of the page displaying the most read and most commented stories of the day. This allows the user to jump to articles that are being talked about, that are recent and popular.


The ‘timesonlie’ takes a clean and professional aesthetic approach. The colour scheme is mostly greyscale, incorporating black, white and various grey tones. However this is occasionally infused with bright green or blue, which keeps the page contemporary and also breaks up large sections of text, which could blur into one another quite easily.


Videos are available,
but more could be incorporated

There are a broad spectrum of topics covered on ‘timesonline’ from breaking news and stories of the day to opinion pieces and blogs. The written quality is to a high standard also. All pieces are archived and available to search for on the site.


The site does incorporate multimedia in certain places but there is definitely room to improve in this area. Although videos accompany some of the articles there are not many to be found. One benefit of getting news online is the extra dimension that video and audio bring and this needs to be utilised more by ‘timesonline.’


The ‘timesonline’ enables users to create a profile and post comments on articles but there are no discussion boards or forums.


There is little user-generated content other than the comments available to see and having more scope for this would encourage participation in the site and urge more people to get their news there.